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About Me

Hello, I'm Darren Ellison

TwoPiece Graphic Design & Printing is the brainchild of Lead Designer and CEO Darren Ellison. Though we are a small and vibrant design company, we possess the requisite experience to professionally meet your needs. At the same time, our size also allows us to work closely with each and every client. My passions for cultural and artistic expression and my love of family were the seeds of my development of TPGDP.   As the son of a respected and prosperous minority business owner, I observed my father treat clients with the same respect and integrity that he would afford his own family.  As a young father, myself, I aspire to demonstrate similar qualities of work ethic and excellence to my own two children.  From this vantage point, I commit to treating my clients with the utmost respect and delivering a product that is second to none.   In this way, I present a product not only represents the best for my clients, but also upholds the integrity of those I cherish most in life.  Beyond the solace of family, as a native of Southwest Atlanta, I witnessed the best and worst of Hip-Hop Culture.  Between the hard-nosed ethics and over a decade in  the business world and the guttural realities of urban life, I have found energy. It is on these grounds that TPGDP is built, and for these reasons I guarantee all clients, ​"First Class Design, with Urban Flair”


Our Clients

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